The Humane Society of Boulder Valley recently provided a paws-itive update regarding one of their patients who was taken into their care during the Marshall Fire.

An orange tabby cat was brought to the HSBV with severe burns on his entire body, including on its face and paws. The veterinary team immediately began to treat the cat for his burns, and also helped to clean the wounds and keep the pain under control.

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Following his initial admittance to the humane society, the tabby cat had to further undergo treatment by local emergency veterinary clinics due to the severity of the injuries. The cat was then transferred back to the HSBV for specialized treatments and extended care.

While in their care, the humane society began trying to reunite the burned cat with its family. A family first believed the cat to be theirs, but once his features became more identifiable, they realized he was not their beloved pet after all. Since then, the organization has cross-checked all of the lost reports they've received in hopes of finding a match. The HSBV has yet to find the cat's original owners, but they are still attempting to locate them. Humane society staff encourages fire victims who have not filled out a lost animal report with them to do so.

Veterinarians believe the neutered male tabby cat is approximately 8-years-old.

The good news is that the little trooper is continuing to heal and improve slowly as the days go by. Staff is hopeful that the feline will make a full recovery.

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