A couple of Colorado deputies put their swimming skills to use when they rescued two women from a quickly sinking vehicle.

According to a report from the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office, Arapahoe Sheriff's deputies were able to successfully rescue two women on Saturday, September 10, 2022, who accidentally drove down a boat ramp into Cherry Creek Reservoir.

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How 2 Women + Their Vehicle Ended Up in Cherry Creek Reservoir

The two women were leaving a wedding reception that was taking place at Cherry Creek State Park when the driver of the vehicle took a very wrong turn.

It was approximately 11 PM and very foggy that evening and the woman driving mistook a nearby boat ramp for a road.

The woman reportedly drove 30 MPH right into Cherry Creek reservoir.

Women Place Frantic 911 Call to Colorado Authorities

KDVR obtained a copy of the 911 call placed by the passenger of the vehicle and you can hear the fear from the women as they explain that the vehicle is quickly filling up with water.

South Metro Fire Rescue talks the women through what to do and explains that the women need to find a way to exit the vehicle and get to shore. The passenger tells the dispatcher that they cannot swim and that the windows are unable to roll down. The dispatcher then instructs the women to kick a back window until it breaks so that can exit the vehicle.

A couple who was night fishing also witnessed the event, called 911, and even attempted to rescue the women themselves.

Former Lifeguard Skills Come In Handy For Colorado Deputy

Arapahoe Deputies were on the scene in minutes and two deputies dove into the water to rescue the women. Deputy Riley Nolan spoke with KDVR and told them that he used to be a lifeguard as a teenager.

Deputy Nolan never expected his lifeguard training to come into play as a Deputy, but is happy that his previous experience helped him to save the lives of the two women.

Thankfully, neither woman was injured and the vehicle was retrieved out of the water the next morning with the help of the South Metro Fire Rescue Dive Team.

The driver of the vehicle did admit to drinking alcohol prior to driving and was issued a summons for DUI.

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