A couple enjoying a hike in Colorado recently experienced a terrifying encounter.

According to a press release from the Jefferson County Sheriff's office, a couple hiking at Bear Creek Lake Park was allegedly almost kidnapped by a man who has caused trouble before.

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Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, Colorado

Bear Creek Lake Park is an extremely beautiful park in Lakewood, Colorado that sees thousands of visitors each year. There are wonderful hiking trails, a beach, horse stables, an archery range, and even some great places to fish.

You definitely would not expect this park to be the location of an alleged attempted kidnapping of two adults.

Couple Becomes Victim to Alleged Kidnapping Attempt

Over the weekend, the weather was perfect for getting outdoors here in Colorado, and one couple decided to visit Bear Creek Lake Park for some hiking during the early morning hours.

The couple was walking along a trail when they passed a man who was reportedly kneeling down and tying his shoe.

The man arose quickly when the husband and wife passed him and pointed a handgun at the couple. The suspect then instructed the woman to kneel on the ground and he placed a nylon leash around her neck. The suspect then ordered the couple to come with him.

Witness Reports Alleged Kidnapping to 911

Thankfully a witness watched the entire encounter and immediately dialed 911. The witness told authorities what they saw and remained on the line until police arrived.

Fortunately, the male victim was able to disarm the suspect and he and his wife ran to safety.

The victims spoke with officers and told them that they recognized the man who almost kidnapped them as Kerry Endsley, a high-end realtor. Endsley is reported to have a history of harassing the female victim and she also has a restraining order against him.

Police Arrest Kidnapping Suspect Kerry Endsley

Authorities located Endsley in the park and confronted him at gunpoint. Endsley reached for a stun gun and a deputy deployed his weapon but missed. Another deputy was able to tase Endlesy and he was taken into custody. Endsley has been charged with 2nd Degree Kidnapping, Felony Menacing, and Violation of a Restraining Order.

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

I've personally visited Bear Creek Lake Park to hike with my boyfriend and our dogs and the only danger we were potentially considered about was wildlife encounters.

Most people typically feel safer when they travel with someone else, but this alleged kidnapping goes to show that you can never be too safe. Always let others know of your plans and when you expect to be back in case of emergencies like this one.

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