We asked you what three things everybody seems to love but you don't. Surprisingly, y'all don't like a thing.

I started things off by saying I don't like hot dogs, guacamole or exercise, then left it up to you to tell me yours. I really wasn't surprised by most of the responses, however, Facebook user, Geri D., took the cake with this gem.

Here's a breakdown of the most disliked things in the Grand Valley.


Coming in at number one, seafood, which is a fairly broad category. I'll assume most of you are talking about fish in general. Unless you're like me and allergic to shrimp and the like.


Y'all aren't basic, that's for sure. I'm in agreeance with this, pumpkin anything. Pumpkin pie? Nope. Pumpkin-spiced-low-fat-sugar-free mocha chai latte. Bleck! Pumpkin flavor in general? Vomit.

COFFEE @ 13%

Oh, the horror! How could you not love the nectar of the Gods -- coffee. Apparently, most of you are better at waking up than the rest of us. Excuse me while I get some go-go juice.


Hallelujah! Whoever looked at this drab-looking pear, peeled it and thought it looks delicious must have been starving. They're booger green. They have a strange-squishy textured. No flavor. Just gross.


I'll have to admit, I fell into this group for a long time. After binge watching for hours, I kept thinking, "why does anyone like this?" So, I kept watching, waiting for something to happen, when all of a sudden, I'm hooked. I get it though, it's a tough show to get into.


What's not to like about these orange-yellow-white sugar and corn syrup candies? Besides the lack of any real flavor and that disgusting feeling, they leave in your mouth.

(TIE) PIZZA @ 7%

I can totally see this. I'm not the biggest fan of pizza, which makes me very choosy of where I get my pie. I can say this, Detroit has the best pizza in the world.

(TIE) PEEPS @ 7%

Easter Baskets everywhere are crying.

(I can't math well, so these percentages are subjective.)

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