Imagine checking your bank account and finding a $5,705.70 charge from a coffee shop.

This whole process nightmare process happened for one Aurora, Colorado woman. The incident began on Christmas Eve and still isn't 100% completely resolved.

According to The Denver Channel, Lisa Angello was charged the ridiculous amount at the Gaylord Rockies (where she wasn't even staying) on Christmas Eve when she purchased a cinnamon dolce latte at the marketplace convenience store inside.

The next Monday, she received a notification from her bank about insufficient funds and THAT'S when the craziness really started. She initially thought her credit card had been skimmed but that wasn't the case at all, they simply put the dollar amount of $5.70 in TWICE. (5.70 and 5.70 all together is 5,705.70)

Just an FYI, a flight from Denver to Paris is $2,648 per person so pretty much...her one cup of coffee cost her about a trip for two to Paris.

CRAZY right but still an honest mistake that probably could've been taken care of quickly but unfortunately for Lisa...was NOT.  She's been going back and forth between the Gaylord Rockies and the USAA since the incident and while she's received the money back in her account as a provisional credit, the issue is still not all the way resolved.

Makes me want to just go back to paying cash for everything.

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