There's no question that there is a lot of coffee drinking in western Colorado, but we are definitely not all drinking it the same way.

Coffee is as much a regular part of my day as taking a shower and putting clothes on. It's just something that's gonna happen no matter what.

Although I don't dislike flavored coffee, I prefer to drink my coffee black. One reason for that is because it seems better than adding sugar and calories to my daily diet. The other reason is that coffee just goes better with something sweet if the drink itself doesn't have sweetness.

I was curious to know how other people are drinking coffee here on the western slope. I got a lot of response to my informal survey. It looks like most people are drinking coffee, but, there is a significant amount of people who never touch it. In fact, 20% of those responding said "no, not ever" or something similar.

I have to say, I was surprised at the low number of people who like their coffee black. I didn't realize I was in such a minority. Only about 24% of people said they drink their coffee black as night. No cream, no sugar, no sweetener

That brings us to the last group of people who love coffee but want to fix it up with some cream, sugar, or special flavoring. About 45% of those responding said they need something in their coffee.

Once again we are reminded how diverse and different we all are. While it may be true that 80% of us are coffee drinkers, we are very different in the way we choose to enjoy it.

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