Jack-o-lantern Art
It's that time of the year, it's time to carve some pumpkins! I love coming up with unique pumpkin ideas so here are a few Colorado inspired pumpkin carvings.
King Pumpkin
Grand Junction has a new king when it comes to giant pumpkins. This was the scene last weekend during the coronation.
Pumpkin Winner
In this particular case, the correct answer is the obvious one: very, very carefully. Oh, and you might want to use a really big tractor. The overall winner at this year's 'Giant Pumpkin Contest' came in at a mind-blowing 620 pounds!
Smashing Pumpkins
Growing a giant pumpkin can create quite a dilemma. What do you do with the gargantuan thing when it's time to get rid of it? You could spend the rest of the year baking pumpkin pies. You could carve the neighborhood's largest jack-o-lantern. Or, you could really have some fun and do this.

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