I think I just discovered the perfect spot for a coffee shop in Colorado and I'm pretty sure it would be a huge money-maker.

We have more than 200 Starbucks locations in Colorado, which seems like more than enough. But, there is one spot in Colorado that could desperately use a coffee shop. That one spot is the rest area at the top of Vail Pass.

The Vail Pass rest area is one of my regular stops whenever I travel the I-70 corridor. It's a great place to stretch your legs, take a bathroom break, and maybe get a snack. You'll find vending machines and restrooms, but the one thing you won't find is a hot cup of coffee.


The state of Colorado should seriously think about putting a coffee shop in at this location. The business would be booming, especially in the wintertime when Vail Pass temperatures tend to be extremely frigid. There's nothing else close by and a hot cup of Joe would sure hit the spot.

There is also a popular recreation area nearby for snowmobiles and I know those people would be all about something hot to drink after a romp in the snow.

Of course, there are those times when traveling over Vail Pass is a living nightmare and wouldn't it be a great thing to pull off at the top and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and give your nerves and white knuckles a rest?

Cold brews would be a popular item during the summer months. so regardless of the weather, a coffee shop at the top of Vail Pass would be a very popular attraction. I'll bet it would be a million-dollar business. Colorado, are you listening?

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