The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is no stranger to paranormal activity. A ghost girl in a white gown was captured in a photo taken recently at the Stanley Hotel.

The Stanley Hotel is 138 rooms on 38 acres, which is a lot of space for ghosts to roam around. The Stanley Hotel has been around for 108 years and is where Stephen King got his inspiration for "The Shining" and was also shot here.

A couple, John and Jessica Mausling, took a guided spirit tour and while walking around they took a photo that they literally could not believe. A ghost girl in a white gown appears on the staircase and the couple is like, "where did that come from? We didn't see that in person!" No one in the photo sees the ghost girl, their attention is on the tour guide.

The Mauslings later called the Stanley Hotel to ask if there were any children staying in the hotel -- there weren't. Another photo that was taken last year (also shown in the video above) shows another ghost woman in a dress standing at the top of the staircase. The Stanley Hotel seems to be a paranormal hotspot. Guests have seen the piano playing itself, apparitions and heard the noises of children playing.

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