I grew up drinking out of water hoses and riding in the back of a station wagon with no seat belt. That's considered pretty dangerous these days. The same can be said for what it was like to ride the Jackson, Wyoming chairlift back in the 1940s as a new home video movie shared shows.

Mark Elliott shared this ultimate retro Wyoming moment with this note on YouTube:

Home movies taken in the summer of 1948 prior to conversion to a two-person chairlift. Snow King Mountain, is a summer and winter resort in Downtown Jackson, Wyoming. The mountain is Jackson's original 1936 ski hill, located on the southeast edge of the city and was the first ski area in Wyoming.

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Back in the early days, the Snow King Mountain Resort chair lift was a single-seater. Note how many kids rode this by themselves back in the day. This probably isn't the time to mention that I'm afraid of heights.

Compare that to modern-day where there are all kinds of safety bars and restraints.

Snow King Mountain Resort now has some of the most family-friendly equipment and comforts in the world. This glimpse back over 70 years ago is a reminder that things weren't always so restrained.

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