The world's largest firework is launching this weekend in Steamboat Springs. This is their second attempt to break a world record, their first was last year.

Tim Borden and his team are set on setting a world record this weekend in Steamboat Springs. They will attempt to detonate the world's largest firework this Saturday at the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival Night Extravaganza.

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Tim and his team attempted to break the world record last year but unfortunately failed when the shell didn't leave the mortar. According to Tim, the reason why it didn't work last year is because there 'was not enough lift to get the shell in the air and too much explosive force at the time of detonation.'

This year they're using a different mix of explosives, some extra metal plates and sleeves and a whole lot of engineering calculations. The current world record for the world's largest firework is a 2,397-pound firework that was launched during New Year's celebrations in the United Arab Emirates.

Tim's firework weighs more than 2,700 pounds and is 62 inches in diameter. He currently holds the record for the biggest shell ever launched in North America which was a 24-inch shell in 2017.

The world's largest firework will be launched this weekend in Steamboat Springs, weather permitting. According to the Steamboat Pilot, if there's inclement weather Tim will not launch the world's largest firework because he doesn't want to put anyone at risk. If you're at the launch this weekend, make sure you send us some pictures.

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