If you have ever been to a wine festival, especially the Colorado Mountain Wine Festival, you expect to enjoy some wonderful wines. But what you may not know is how much whine you can enjoy with your wine.

There won't be any whining about the wines, but whining can be, well, an art form when in the possession of someone who really knows how to whine. So allow me to share a few "whine" selections for your "taste" buds to consider.

Whine Selection One

Winefest Whines Selections For The Discerning Palate

"Why isn't this wine cold?"

Now there's a whine you can really savor. For the uninitiated, most wines should be served at room temperature to enjoy all the heartiness of the fruit, among other reasons. But that doesn't stop those of us who want a cold drink at a wine fest, and end up having a "whine fest" of our own.

Whine Selection Two

Winefest Whines Selections For The Discerning Palate
Zane Mathews

"Why isn't this inside?"

As part of our tour of "whine" country, we run across a few now and then who really don't enjoy being outside. There are some who believe inside is the best place to experience wine. Not because of it actually is, but because in whine country, the whiner is always right. Truth be told, whether it's inside our outside, winefests, and wine tasting, are the ultimate expressions of our love for the fruits of the vine.

Whine Selection Three

Winefest Whines Selections For The Discerning Palate
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I'm not gonna spit that out!

For some, wine tasting is an art form. There are wine enthusiasts that know just how long to let the wine "breathe" before pouring it, how much of the selection to put in the glass to "swill around" to get the ultimate aroma, and then a sip to savor before, well, expectorating it. That part doesn't always sit well with some people, as spitting is considered rude and you're wasting alcohol. Aunt Margaret would be very upset if you spit out her pot roast, for example.

Whine Selection Four

Winefest Whines Selections For The Discerning Palate

"They don't have wine that goes with macaroni and cheese."

OK. What? Anyone who knows wine knows there is a wine for everything. Come to think of it, anyone who knows whine also knows there is a whine for everything. Everything.

Whine Selection Five

Winefest Whines Selections For The Discerning Palate
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"Can we go home now?"

The most often heard and misunderstood whine of its time, this "whine" has been fermenting for centuries. And the great part of this "whine" is it does go with anything. Birthday parties, weddings, you name it, there is a perfect "whine" for it, and this is usually the one chosen. Not because, perhaps, they aren't having fun, just that, if there's too much wine, there's going to be too much whine.

I thought I would pull a few whines from my secret "whine" cellar to share, but I hope you have a few vintage whines, or maybe some new whines, pressed from sour grapes you would like to share. By all means. Just let it breathe first.

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