Living in Colorado, you see wildlife get themselves into some pretty interesting situations, and the one you're about to see is definitely one for the books.

A new video is circulating the internet of a wild rabbit who decided to visit their local Walmart for a nice snack.

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Wild Rabbit Visits Colorado Walmart

Picture this, you're a wild rabbit in Colorado. You've had a super long day with the kids and you need to pick up something to eat fast.

You could go out and scavage through your local forest, but let's be honest, that's definitely going to eat up some time.

You've heard of a place where the humans go to pick up food, and you think, "why not?"

Upon arrival, you find a vast selection of the leafiest greens you've ever set your eyes on. You notice some humans dressed strangely in clothes referenced as pajamas walking around the store eating grapes and a delicacy called popcorn chicken.

You think to yourself if they can eat in the store, so can you, and decide to make the most of your time away from the kids. They always seem to want a bite of what you have even if it's the exact same as theirs.

Rabbits in Colorado

There are 3 different species of Cottontail rabbits that call Colorado home:

  • the mountain cottontail,
  • the desert cottontail,
  • and the eastern cottontail

Typically you can find Cottontail rabbits in brushy areas eating vegetation that is both herbaceous and woody. On the other hand, you might find a cottontail rabbit at your local Colorado Walmart.

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