Grand Junction is not the most wonderful city in America, but it might just be the best city in Colorado.

Nobody and Nothing Is Ever Perfect

It's so easy sometimes to get caught up in some wave of negativity that permeates social media. It's where trolls go to disagree with everyone they can at every turn and find the fault in every little thing. They are unhappy with the city, county, and state leadership. No matter what happens, things are just never right.

While Grand Junction may not be perfect, if you'll stop for a minute and think about it, there are so many things that make the Grand Valley a wonderful place to live. We need to go beyond the fact that, over the course of the year, the weather is so much better than the front range, and we don't have near the traffic and congestion. There are many simple things we take for granted that make Junction what it is.

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Do You Take These Simple Things For Granted?

I have come up with a list of more than 22 things that make Grand Junction a fabulous place to live - and if I had more time and space I have no doubt I could come with at least 20 more.

23 Things That Make Grand Junction An Amazing Place To Live

Grand Junction isn't perfect, but there is absolutely no place in Colorado I would rather call home. Here is my list of 23 things that make Grand Junction, Colorado a wonderful place to live.

Then and Now: More Dramatic Changes In Grand Junction

Grand Junction has changed dramatically and significantly over the years, and thanks to Google, we can look and see how Grand Junction looked in 2008 compared to how it looks today. Stroll through the images and see how well your memory is at recalling the way things used to be.

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