A Colorado farmer in Montrose is preparing for the Super Bowl by knitting Denver Bronco sweaters for the 150 baby goats. That's right...goats.

Rebecca Herberg of Montrose runs a 400 acre goat farm and has been working hard to get sweaters made for 150 baby goats expected to be born this spring.

KCNC-TV says that according to Rebecca:

"When they're born typically they weigh 8, 9 pounds; and they're cold, it's April,""The first go-around uses them for a couple of weeks, we wash them, we put them on the next round," Herberg said. "As long as everyone gets a sweater."

Orange sweaters are made for the female goats, and the blue sweaters are for the boys.

Rebecca also has made sweaters for her 15 dogs as well. By the sound of things, it appears that Rebecca has her very own football team running around on her farm. That is one true fan.


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