The internet is such a great thing - except when it's not.

A haunting post has been circulating on social media declaring there is a "serial killer or abductor who is currently hunting in Western Slope. My friend was almost taken by him." The post goes on to say the man in a truck hits cars of women who are alone and once they pull over he takes them.

Scary Social Media Post Is Circulating Across the Country

What people don't realize immediately is that the same post is popping up all over the country including Alabama, Virginia,  Alaska, and countless others. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office and the Grand Junction Police Department have both shared the post to inform residents that this is a hoax. There is not a serial killer on the loose on the western slope.

The Facebook account from which the post originates is of a man named Wwagner Tad from Zimbabwe. It's possible this is a fake account- or it could be that the guy's account is being used by hackers to spread this false information on the internet to get people stirred up. Of course, it's also possible that this is actually the dude who is spreading this hoax all over the country.

GJPD via Facebook
GJPD via Facebook

Grand Junction Police Department Urges Caution When Sharing Information

The Grand Junction Police Department says "while investigating the validity of the post, we have determined that this post is a hoax and is being posted in multiple cities throughout the country."  They do encourage people to report suspicious social media posts, but also to use caution when sharing information that hasn't been verified by local law enforcement agencies.

Don't Believe Everything You Read On the Internet

We've all seen false information propagated on the internet and on social media in recent years. At times it can be difficult at first glance to determine what is truth and what is not. However, most often, with a little effort and research, we can determine whether or not the information being shared is credible and valid. In this case, the information is clearly a hoax and there's no cause for alarm.

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