The amazing hiking trails on top of the Grand Mesa have been clear from snow for a couple of weeks now. The time of year has arrived when this amazing area is yours to explore.

Over the weekend I headed up to the area around Deep Ward Lake Campground for a hike on the Baron Lake Trail. If you are looking for a nice easy walk around the lakes and campgrounds this is the perfect trail to consider.

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Take the 3 Mile Trail to Baron Lake on the Grand Mesa

The trail to Baron Lake is right next to the Deep Ward Lake Picnic area located on Ward Way just off Baron Lake Road. Park in the parking area that overlooks Deep Ward Lake. The Baron Trail is just across the road opposite Deep Ward Lake.

The Biggest Challenge on this Hike is the Mosquitoes

You won't have to deal with scrambles or elevation gains on the Baron Lake Trail, but you will need to keep up a brisk pace to avoid the very hungry swarms of mosquitoes near the lakes. A long sleeve sun hoodie and some deep woods off will go a long way on hikes in this area.

Bring Your Fishing Pole

Every place you look along this trail is a great place to cast a line. Use this trailhead to move down the far side of Alexander Lake to Baron Lake. You can then head south to the Reed Reservoir or North to Eggleston Lake. Scroll on to see the Baron Lake Trail.

Hiking the Baron Lake Trail on Colorado's Grand Mesa

You'll need to bring your Deep Woods Off mosquito repellant and some long sleeves as we hike the beautiful Baron Lake Trail on the Grand Mesa near the Deep Ward Lake campground. This hike will take just under two hours to complete and is a beautiful place to enjoy an easy walk around the lakes.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

Western Colorado's Best Hikes: The Grand Mesa's Trail to Lost Lake

Each year, hikers in western Colorado have to wait until at least June to be able to visit the Mesa Lakes trail on the Grand Mesa. After checking on it a couple of different times this spring, we are happy to say that the snowmelt is mostly finished and you can now hike the trail to Lost Lake.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

MORE: Hike the Amazing 1100 Foot Climb to Grand Junction's Liberty Cap

Grand Junction's hike to the Liberty Cap includes an 1100-foot climb to one of the best overlooks outside of the Monument. The trip to the top will take 60 to 90 minutes. Want a great workout for leg day? This is your trail. The climb is difficult the first time but well worth it. Let's take a look.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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