A Colorado veteran was doing laundry in his sink when he couldn't go to a laundromat due to coronavirus. Now a washing machine and dryer have been donated to him.

Brandon Murdock reached out to the Denver Channel after he was forced to do his laundry in his basement sink. He could no longer go to the laundromat due to fear of exposing his family to the coronavirus.

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According to the Denver Channel, his wife has a rare blood disorder which means her immune system is compromised. Brandon is trying to protect his wife and kids from the coronavirus by not leaving the house to do laundry. Brandon said:

I can't even have the slightest risk of putting her in jeopardy and my kids and myself.

After the Denver Channel aired the original story about him needing a washing machine and dryer, the response was instantaneous, according to their website.

Four days later The Appliance Factory and Mattress Kingdom donated a washer and dryer, straight to Brandon's house. They delivered the washer and dryer on Thursday morning (April 2) and Brandon and his family are very grateful.

According to the Denver Channel, the company said that they saw this a great opportunity for them to 'help a veteran and give back.' He says it's great that he can do laundry for his family without putting their health in jeopardy.

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