This army veteran lost his legs in Iraq but doesn't let it stop him from conquering the Manitou Incline. Watch him do the Manitou Incline and inspire us all.

SSG Travis Strong is truly an inspiration to us all. Travis is an army veteran who lost his legs after an attack on his Stryker in Iraq, according to KRDO. He doesn't let this stop him from showing just how strong he is.

Watch Travis climb his way up the Manitou Incline, no legs necessary. While wearing gloves he pulls his body up, step by step, using his strong, tattooed arms.

My eyes teared up watching this because this veteran doesn't let anything hold him back. He's made the ultimate sacrifice and continues to show everyone why his last name is Strong.

I have so much respect for our veterans and all of our military members. Travis Strong is showing people that he doesn't let anything hold him back, and it's truly an inspiration. Thank you for everything you've done for us and everything you continue to do, Travis.

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