On the heels of Veteran's Day, a very heartwarming story has been brought to our attention right here in Colorado, as an elderly veteran has bought American flags for every resident of the retirement community he lives in.

The man, Don Seedle, lives in what is called Good Samaritan Society in Estes Park, and calls himself a "vet vet," as he not only served in the United States Army but worked as a veterinarian before and during his service.

I was a veterinarian in the Army, so we did public health work as well as animal care. Many sentry dogs. When I was in Vietnam, I was responsible for 600-800 military working dogs.

Seedle is so proud of his country and his service that when he heard that his retirement community was planning on providing American flags for all of its residents, he offered to foot the bill.

Not only is Seedle praised for funding the project, but he is also known for keeping the flags in good shape and presentable. Another resident of Good Samaritan Society and fellow veteran, Jim Rushing, had this to say about his neighbor and friend's dedication to the flags:

He walks around, and if he sees anything, he’ll take care of them. “[He’ll] make sure they’re not all tangled up or stuck on the roofline, or anything. He makes sure they’re flying properly.

Seedle believes that the American flag is not only a symbol of our great country but with all of the decisiveness that the United States has gone through in recent years, is one thing that unites us as Americans.

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