This Colorado veteran, Neal Hefty, pulled over to help a woman who seemed like she was stranded in Greeley. She told Neal she was having car problems and that she had a baby in the car, according to KDVR.

Although the man was trying to help, he ended up getting robbed. Two men came out from behind the skatepark and demanded cash from Neal, one of which was armed. Neal didn't have any cash so the robbers went through his vehicle.

They began taking the veteran's groceries and then they did something unbelievably terrible -- they stole his puppy Patch. The robbers stole Neal's 10-week old Siberian Husky/German Shepherd puppy from his car.

This veteran says he doesn't care about anything else, he just wants his dog back. Neal is hoping the robbers will be caught and charged with using a baby as bait and will somehow get his puppy, Patch, back according to KDVR.

I can't believe that these people seemingly lured a good person into trying to help and then stole his puppy. This is one of the absolute worst things that you could steal from someone. I hope that this poor veteran gets his sweet fur baby back, I'm sure Patch misses his owner too.

According to KDVR, the suspects were driving a bright green Honda Civic with Mexican license plates. Call Greeley police (970-350-9605) if you have more information.

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