Today is opening day at Vail Ski Resort and it's time to hit the slopes. We're kicking off the season with a report straight from the slopes.

Vail Ski Resort is the third largest mountain ski resort in the nation. A friend of mine works at Vail Ski Resort and was stoked to kick off their season today. Since it's their opening day I wanted to check with him and see what the slopes were like.

From the pictures he sent me, Vail Ski Resort is covered in snow and is looking beautiful and ready for the season.

Anthony is a lift operator and told me that:

This year was much larger than the last two for sure. I think they had 38 acres last year and this year we opened 580 aces with 8 lifts.

Anthony said most of the people hitting the slopes today were mostly locals with some people from Denver. Opening day was full of 'plenty of powder stashes' but it did get up to 40 degrees today, which is a bit warm. Snow and lower temperatures are key for ski resorts.

Anthony has only been snowboarding for two seasons but has spent a lot of time on the slopes to increase his skills.  He doesn't know how to ski but looks forward to learning this year. According to Anthony, compared to snowboarding, it looks pretty easy.

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