Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn from Vail just shared some very exciting news --  Lindsey is now engaged to NHL star PK Subban.

Lindsey Vonn recently retired from her skiing career early, due to an injury. She's one of the world's best skiers and has won 82 World Cups, 20 World Cup titles, 7 World Championship medals and 3 Olympic medals.

Lindsey just shared some very exciting news with us, and it's not about skiing. Lindsey Vonn is now engaged to NFL star, PK Subban. PK proposed at their house last month in Los Angeles, with an emerald ring. He chose an emerald engagement ring because it's Lindsey's favorite color and also is his birthstone.

PK used to play for the Nashville Predators, but was recently traded and now play for the NEw Jersy Devils. The couple is now moving to New Jersey and they both seem very excited about it. PK even made a remix of Beyonce's song 'Single Ladies' his version is:

If you like it then you should've put a rizzy on it, if you like it then you should've been a rizzy on it. Put that ring on that left little rizzy, put the rizzy on the left little fizzy. Ooo, oooh, ooh.

Lindsey's response to his Beyonce remix is 'I don't know what I signed up for.' She also posted on her Instagram about her engagement, stating that he finally popped the question and now he's all hers, she's in it for the Stanley Cup and in it to win it -- forever. See Lindsey's post about her engagement on Instagram here.

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