It sounds like a scene from some futuristic movie, but a group in Vail apparently is interested in hiding a stretch of several miles of Interstate 70.

Apparently, there is a group in Vail that have wanted to hide the interstate ever since it was built back in the 70s.

According to the Post Independent, the Vail Homeowners Association recently heard a presentation from a local architect detailing a possible plan to encase several miles of the highway with a tunnel, or a series of tunnels.

One estimate puts the cost at over $3.5 billion. Even if the project could be funded, it would take several years to complete.

The idea seems crazy, but there are people who are excited about the possibility of saving Vail from I-70. Others say there is no need for such a project.

Personally, I'm sure I could think of a better use of $3.5 billion if it were even possible to come up with that amount of money. But, I guess it doesn't hurt anything to dream. There were probably people who, at the time, thought the idea of building an interstate through the mountains across Colorado was completely crazy -- and look at us now!

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