Utah is one of the prettiest states in the country, and every time we leave Colorado we are reminded of that fact when we see the snow-capped mountains.

Utah's Eastern Most Mountains, The La Sal Range

It's possible you have seen the mountain range on the east side of Utah, perhaps marveled at its beauty, and wondered about these towering peaks. As you cross over into Utah from Colorado, you can see the snowcapped mountains to the southwest from your position on Interstate 70.

Utah's La Sal Mountain Range

What you are looking at are the La Sal Mountains or the La Sal Range. The La Sal Range is a series of mountain peaks with no less than 12 of them reaching an elevation in excess of 12,000 feet.

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The La Sal Mountains' Highest Peaks

The tallest peak you will see is Mt. Peale with an elevation of 12,721 feet. In the gallery below you will see Mt. Peal up close. Mt. Peale is the highest point in Utah outside of the Uinta Mountains. Several other peaks are close to its height including Mt. Mellenthin at 12,645 feet and Mt. Tukuhnikivatz at an elevation of 12,482 feet.

Mt. Mellenthin is named for Rudolph E. Mellenthin, a forest ranger who was shot to death near the peak back in 1918 as he was trying to apprehend a couple of draft evaders.

The La Sal Range is Close To Moab

What you may fail to realize while you are driving down I-70 and taking in the view of the La Sal Range is that these mountains are close to Moab.

If you're interested in visiting the La Sal Mountains, you'll find plenty of hiking and biking trails, camping, and great trout fishing in several lakes and streams.

The Utah Mountains You See When Leaving Colorado

Here is a close-up look at the La Sal Mountains, located near the border of Utah and Colorado. These are the mountains you see to the south of Interstate 70 as you pass into Utah from Colorado.

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