Uncertainty continues to cloud the future of fall sports activities in Grand Junction.

While softball, golf, and tennis have all been deemed acceptable forms of recreation, questions remain about other sports in Grand Junction like football and soccer.

We are halfway through the summer and with school getting ready to start, thoughts are turning to fall, and families are trying to make plans for their kids' activities. However, many of those plans remain on hold.

To answer some of the questions that are being raised, Grand Junction Parks and Rec has provided an update on where things presently stand. Here's what they said.

Throughout the pandemic, we have consulted heavily with the Mesa County Health Department regarding the status of parks and recreation services. Regarding large programs, we are also looking to the Colorado High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) for guidance in general. We strive to strike a balance between enabling service yet combating the spread of the virus. If CHSAA allows sports like soccer and football this fall, we plan to follow suit by opening up Canyon View Park to rentals of similar users. As of today, CHSAA, working with the Governor’s office, has only authorized softball, golf and tennis.

As you know, it has become a very slippery slope when it comes to deciding what activities are safe and permissible and those that are believed to pose a significant health risk in regards to the coronavirus. Clearly, the leaders at Grand Junction Parks and Rec are leaning heavily on the advice and recommendations of health officials and looking to the Colorado High School Activities Association, which is also following the lead of health professionals when it comes to making decisions about fall sports.

Clearly, the time is drawing nearer and nearer when a decision will have to be made to either move forward with sports like soccer and football or simply pull the plug.

Grand Junction Parks and Rec has been able to offer a number of summer programs and activities, though on a somewhat limited basis. It would seem that something is better than nothing, and I know parents and kids have been grateful for what has been offered. Hopefully, the traditional fall sports offerings in Grand Junction will be made available in what could be another small step back to normal.

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