The gooiest, freshly-baked, still warm cookies are coming to Colorado, and it's about time!

According to a press release from Tiff's Treats, the cookie company is expanding from the South and entering the Western market with their first Colorado location opening in Denver.

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Tiff's Treats In Colorado is More than Exciting

My jaw literally hit the floor when I read that Tiff's Treats was finally making its way to Colorado.

Tiff's Treats was created in Austin, Texas and as a Texan native, I have to admit I've truly been missing their delectable desserts! In fact, the owners of Tiff's Treats attended the University of Texas and that's where they created the thriving business that so many know and love today.

Tiff and Leon Book Release
Tiff's Treats

I also attended the University of Texas and that's where I was first introduced to the delicious cookies made by Tiff's. At the time, there were few locations outside of Austin, so when I would return to Waco I would crave Tiff's cookies!

Tiff's Expanded Quickly

Luckily for me, I didn't have to wait long before Tiff's opened several locations in the Central Texas area. Obviously, I subscribed to any email lists from Tiff''s for deals right away.

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Tiff's Treats

However, I failed to unsubscribe when I moved here to Colorado. I receive amazing coupons and pictures of the mouthwatering treats and just sadly reminisce on what used to be...but those days are over!

Denver: Home of the First Colorado Tiff's Treats

The very first Tiff's Treats of Colorado is opening this year at 1147 North Broadway in Denver.

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Tiff's Treats

"We can't wait to introduce Denver cookie fans to our on-demand warm cookie delivery and get to be a part of many significant moments to come. Birthdays, corporate events, milestones, special occasions – we're here to make these warm moments even sweeter and look forward to spreading joy and connection around Denver with our warm cookies," said Tiffany Chen, Tiff's Treats co-founder.

Those who live in downtown Denver, Capitol Hill, Lincoln Park, and Cherry Creek will be the first ones able to enjoy a fresh delivery of cookies that are still warm! 

PS: The brownies are freaking amazing too!

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