Ticket prices for Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Colorado have been slashed.

Previously, we reported the cheapest ticket price for the GOP fundraiser when Vice President Pence comes to visit was $275. We are now breathing a huge sigh of relief to hear the news the lowest ticket price has been drastically reduced to the much more (wink, wink) affordable price of $150.

Pence is the guest speaker at a special event October 26 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center, and according to the Denver Post, organizers were having difficulty selling tickets at the $275 level. So with a 45% discount, you and your spouse could both attend the event for the ridiculously low bargain price of $275 for a couple.

Of course,  you still have the option of forking over the sum of  $10,000 and not only will you get dinner, but you receive a photo opportunity with the vice president. There are still other options in between with varying benefits.

I expect that for this type of event, $150 tickets will probably be sold at a brisk pace, but I still wonder who these people are. I have a feeling the majority of my friends and family members would be hard-pressed to shell out nearly $300 for a night out - even if they wanted to.

I might like to see the vice president, but I will be patiently waiting for at least a couple more 45% discounts before I reach for my wallet.


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