The Vice President of the United States is coming to Colorado, but if you want to see him, you will have to fork over at least $275.

Vice President Mike Pence is the featured guest at a Colorado Republican Party dinner and reception October 26 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center on Oct. 26

If you just want to attend the reception it will cost you $275. If you want a photo with the Vice President that's another story.

For $1500 you can be part of a VIP reception, which includes a photo opportunity with Vice President Pence. If you want to bring your spouse, you can get in as a couple for the bargain price of $3000.

Now, if you just wouldn't be happy unless you were going to spend even more money on a special political event, there are two other options.

For $5000 you can be a part of the VIP and general reception, have a photo opportunity and get name recognition. If that's still not enough, for $10,000 you get essentially the same thing, but it's called Chairman Host Individual.

If you can afford to attend this fundraising event, it probably means you have money to burn, and you can burn it with your ticket purchase at Eventbrite.

I will not be attending this event, but don't get me wrong. I have a great deal of respect for Vice President Pence, and I would love to meet him. It's just I'm going to need that $275 to help pay this month's mortgage.

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