Does the very best burger in Grand Junction exist?

I would propose to you that the best burger does not exist in the current realm of reality. We've tried to nail it down in the past, the fact is, only in our minds can we identify what each of us believes is the best burger in town. In other words, if you asked 25 people where to get the best burger in town, you're likely to get at least 15 to 20 different responses.

Though I love them, I don't eat hamburgers often. The other day, however, I was hit by the hamburger bug and suddenly wanted a good burger. So I asked the question on Facebook, "Where can you get the best burger in Grand Junction?"

As I expected, I got a lot of different answers, which brought me to the realization it's impossible to identify the best burger in town. However, the responses gave me a great list of places that, at the very least, have very good burgers and a starting point in my quest.

What makes for a good burger? For starters, the meat has to be flavorful, and it can't be cooked until it's black on the outside and dry as dust on the inside. The other factor is the bun. Too much bread and the burger gets lost. Sometimes buns can be hard as stone or as chewy as cowhide. The bun needs to be firm enough to stick together throughout the eating process, but not so tough you need a saber tooth to bite through it.

The most frequent response in my unscientific poll about Grand Junction's best burger was "my house" or  "my kitchen." These are lucky and talented people who have the ability to make a great burger at home. It's definitely not in my skill set, which is why I'm asking about the best burgers in town.

The next most mentioned place is Bin 707. I have heard so much about their burgers. I think it's time for me to go. Another oft-mentioned place was Munchies in Fruita.

Beyond those two leading vote-getters, here is the list of places mentioned that have great burgers.

* Applebee's
* Freddie's
* Red Robin
* Texas Roadhouse
* Main Street Diner
* Boston's
* Rockslide
* Blue Moon
* Wrigley Field
*Old Man Grill

The next time you are looking for a great burger, I would suggest you give one of these suggestions a try. I don't think you can go wrong.

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