We've been singing about figgy pudding for years, but I wonder how many of us have actually ever eaten it?

Who Is Eating the Figgy Pudding?

The  lyrics of the song  "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" say "now bring us some figgy pudding and bring it right now." The lyrics go on to say "we won't go until we get some......."  Who are these people and why are they so desperately craving figgy pudding? Do these people live in Colorado?

Remembering My First Time With Figgy Pudding

I remember the first time I ate figgy pudding. You can see photos from my experience below. Coincidentally, it was the last time I ever ate that vile stuff. I'm glad I tried it but will be most happy to never taste it again.

When I decided to give figgy pudding I looked all over Grand Junction and found none. Zilch. I then searched online but everywhere I went it said  "SOLD OUT". Are you kidding me? Do you mean to tell me, people are actually buying and eating figgy pudding?

Well, I found some at a store in the UK and placed my order. I paid $15  for 9.7 ounces of figgy pudding. Unfortunately, my package did not arrive until after Christmas, at which point, I was no longer in the mood. Consequently, for a solid year, this tub of figgy pudding sat on my desk waiting to be eaten. That was probably a mistake.

Do You Know What's In Figgy Pudding?

I've always wondered what exactly is in figgy pudding - and now I know. The ingredients include brown sugar, wheat flour, ginger, cinnamon, currants, and diced figs. The label says it's suitable for vegetarians, which was a big, fat red flag for me. If you are a person who enjoys fruitcake, you probably like figgy pudding.

It's not really pudding at all. It's more like cake - and I think it must belong to the fruitcake family. I've certainly never eaten pudding with a fork before.

My Dreadful Experience of Eating Figgy Pudding

We may sing about figgy pudding at Christmas time, but how many people actually eat the stuff? I don't know anyone personally who eats it. I can say I have eaten it, but, my first time was also my last time. Take a look at my memorably dreadful experience with Christmas figgy pudding.

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