Just a few years ago, there were 5,008 more single women then single men in the Grand Junction area. Yet, I remain single.

Such is my life as a Morning Radio guy. Not too many people share my schedule. But, if these numbers are even remotely accurate, there has to be at least one match for me out there, right?

Now, I am not 100 percent sure about the accuracy of my math in figuring this out AND the stats are from the 2010 census, but it looks that the Grand Junction area has a lot more single women then men.

According to Wikipedia, the Grand Junction Metropolitan Statistical Area (aka Mesa County) should be running rampant with single, unmarried women. From what I was able to extrapolate from the information provided on the Grand Junction Wikipedia site, as of the 2010 census, there were 5,008 unmarried and over 18 years of age MORE women than men in this area.

Again, my math skills may be a little woozy. But, here is what I did to get to that number:

  • 146,723 TOTAL  POPULATION     21% under 18
  • 146, 723 X .21 = 30,811
  • 146,723 - 30,811 = 115, 912
  • 46% married
  • 115, 912 (over 18) X.46 = 53,319
  • 115,912 - 53,319 = 62,593
  • 62,593 -- 18+ Non married total
  • For every 100 men = 92 women
  • 62,593 X .92 = 57585
  • 62,593 - 57,585 = 5008 (number of more women) 2504
  • 62,593 /  2  = 31,296
  • 31, 296 +  2504 = 33,800 TOTAL Women unmarried 18+
  • 31,296  - 2504 = 28,792 TOTAL Men unmarried 18+

There are 33,800 unmarried, over 18 women within a 30 mile radius and yet, I can't find someone to go bowling with. There is competition as well. 28,792 unmarried, over 18 men that I have to claw my way through.

How accurate do you think these numbers are in 2017? Do you think it has changed much in the past seven years?

More questions, like why am I still single? Maybe it's my cologne? I will grant you that my walls are up from previous relationship experiences. Getting hurt is heart crushing. But, as they say, you have to get up on the horse again. Not to implicate Grand Junction women are horses, that's just an old saying about never giving up.

You know what I just realized? All the time I spent (wasted) on doing all that math, I could have been out socializing and possibly meeting that special someone. Again, welcome to my world.

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