Bruno and Banshee are the newest additions to the Denver Zoo's Tropical Discovery Exhibit. The two alligators are quite unique as they are albino American Alligators, which is a very rare occurrence.

The pigment-lacking reptiles won't be hanging around the Denver Zoo permanently as they will only be in Colorado for the next six months before returning to Saint Augustine, Florida.

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Bruno and Banshee are siblings and hatched in 2014 at the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. We feel that it is pretty awesome that the duo decided to make a visit to Colorado and enjoy our summer months before returning to sunny Florida for the winter.

Take a look at this video of Bruno and Banshee, albino American Alligators, swimming around at the Denver Zoo.

My wife and I lived in Florida for about seven years. It's hot, it's muggy, and there are a lot of alligators there. A trip to the park near our home in St. Petersburg gave us our first glance into an alligator's habitat. Seeing mamma gator around her little hatchlings, we were sure to keep our distance on the dock.


Living in close proximity to the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, you would imagine that there were plenty of gators around as well. You're right. One of the most memorable alligator encounters was seeing a big alligator just hanging out at a retention pond at the off-ramp of the interstate. Florida is a wild place for sure.

If you want to see Bruno and Banshee at the Denver Zoo, you better do it while you can. Because they are only here for six short months.

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