We recently asked the people of Grand Junction what the #1 thing is they want to show out of state guests when they come to town and their response was overwhelming.

Whenever guests come to stay, we want to show them a good time and expose them to the things that make our hometown great. Maybe we want to make them jealous - or maybe we just want them to know how proud we are of what we have to offer.

Regardless the motivation, we wanted to know the #1 thing people in Grand Junction want to show their out of town guests. By an overwhelming majority, the Colorado National Monument is the #1 thing we want our guests to see. A total of 53% of those responding chose the monument, and frankly, I'm not even slightly surprised.

Another 23% said they would take their guests up on the Grand Mesa, while 10% said they would want to take their guests on a wine tour.

Fact is, regardless of which one you choose, your guests are going to love it and have a great time. The travel season is here, so you better get that spare bedroom tidied up and ready for company.

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