Grand Junction is quickly getting a world-wide reputation for excellent wines, and it's not hard to see why.

First of all, this area boasts the highest altitude vineyards in the country, and the taste from these wines made here is second to none. But I have always wondered how they get wine to taste so amazing, just from growing grapes.

Well, one sure way to find out is to take one of these tours. See the grapes being grown and listen to the guides tell you how it's made. Let's take a look.

Palisade Fruit and Wine Byway

With three different ways to tour, depending on if you want to take all day or just a part of the day, you are going to love this. You can go by car or bike and just enjoy the beauty of Palisade as you ride. Catch several wineries during your five, seven or 25-mile ride.

Graystone Winery

If you have a specific type of vintner or wine you enjoy more than others, see if they do tours. How delicious will that wine be when you know everything about it? Graystone Wineries is a small, boutique type winery specializing in ports and ruby red wines.

Tour in a Limo

Maybe your thought is to impress some folks. In-laws, potential in-laws, girlfriends, boyfriends, all will totally enjoy a tour of wineries from the back of a limo, and Absolute Prestige Limousine Service is the best of them all. Take the five-hour tour. You'll be glad you did.

Desert Sun Vineyards

Reasonably priced and delicious wines, made by locals who love and understand the region. Family owned and operated. Just awesome people and delicious wines, that's all. Visit the folks at Desert Sun Vineyards and let them make your day.

Two Rivers Winery and Chateau

Located in the beautiful Redlands area, Two Rivers Winery is impressive just driving up to it. Add in the fact that Bob And Billie are Grand Valley natives, and they love to meet guests and talk about how they make their wines make this vineyard one you won't want to miss.

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