A Steamboat Springs refuses to pick up his own dog's poop and isn't afraid to tell you why. This is why he won't pick up the poo and how we found out about it.

A man's dog was doing his business in Whistler Park in Steamboat Springs, no big deal. Until the dog finished. Then the man did not pick up his dog's poop and was approached about it.

A Steamboat Digs Dogs volunteer asked him (even though she should have had to):

Would you please pick up your dog's poop?

The fact that she had to ask this man to pick up his own dog's poop, is just embarrassing to begin with. You'd think that he'd just pick it up, right? Nope. The man says this instead:

I am an alpha and there is no way in hell that I am going to pick up my dog's poop...you all are freaks.

He said the volunteer for Steamboat Digs Dogs is a freak and everyone else in the group is one too. Way to make a big deal about something he should already be doing. There's lots of reasons why, like contamination, human decency and also a fine.

You can get a $100 fine if you're caught letting you dog poop without picking it up, according to Steamboat Today. Not picking up your dog's poop is just rude and not worth $100.

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