During winter in Colorado, some parts of the state that see the heaviest snowfall will be welcoming back the snowmobile riders for the 2021 season.

From late November to May (in some places) snowmobile trails allow you to ride for hundreds of miles into the great wide open.

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Check Out 12 Incredible Snowmobile Tours in Colorado

The following locations get lots and lots of snow and make for great destinations if you enjoy snowboarding. Some of these destinations offer group tours on snowmobiles, and other destinations mark the beginning of hundreds of miles of wide-open trails that lead to some amazing views in the most remote spots.

Snowmobile From Sunlight Mountain all the way to Grand Junction

Did you know there is a snowmobile trail that runs from Sunlight Mountain in the central part of the state all the way to Powderhorn Ski Resort in Grand Junction? Talk about an epic snowmobile trail. Any chance there is a gas station along the way?

Let's bundle up for winter weather and get ready to ride! Yee-haw!

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