A door-to-door scam has been reported in Olathe.

The holiday season is the happiest time of the year, but it's also the time when fraudulent activity is in high gear at many different levels. Unsuspecting victims can easily be caught off guard this time of year by unscrupulous fraudsters.

According to the Delta County Sheriff's Office, a person driving a service truck has been impersonating a DMEA employee and has been contacting residents, threatening to shut off their service.

Here's What DMEA Has To Say

DMEA says they are aware of the fraudulent activity. Apparently, last weekend a man was driving this truck (pictured above) and was going door-to-door in Olathe claiming to be a DMEA employee. He claims he has an escalated work order and needs to collect $498 immediately or else their electrical service will be disconnected.

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DMEA Would Never Do This

DMEA says they would never engage in such tactics to collect on a bill. If a serviceman is dispatched to disconnect power for non-payment, you would be advised to call and make a payment with their automated payment system. They would never demand in-person payments to avoid disconnection. If you are approached in this manner, you can be sure this is an attempted fraud.

What To Do If You Encounter This Person

If you see the man in this truck or if you're approached with this scam, contact Delta Dispatch at 970-874-2015, or in Montrose County contact WestCO Dispatch at 970-249-9110. DMEA says if you should encounter this person if you can do so safely, get the license plate number and call them at 877-687-3632.

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