This is Grand Junction's quarantine playlist which has music from Dua Lipa, to Akon, to Disturbed.

We asked you on our Facebook and on our Instagram, 'if we made a quarantine playlist, what songs would be on it?' and your answers did not disappoint. We've taken all of your answers and compiled them into a Spotify playlist.

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Below is Grand Junction's quarantine playlist, which is basically all made from your song suggestions, with the exception of a few songs, my choices are:

  • 'Don't Start Now' - Dua Lipa
  • 'Don't Stand So Close to Me' - The Police
  • 'Takin' Shots' - Post Malone

The last song is actually because of Trudy Fod's response on our Facebook which is 'anything from Post Malone.' Janelle commented on our Facebook and says 'Locked Up' by Akon and Erika Wilson says 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons.

Some of the songs suggestions on our Instagram are:

  • 'I Want To Break Free' - Queen (From Matt Spinelli)
  • 'Cannibal' - Ke$ha (From Danielle Nicole Flores)

How to Join the #dancingwithmyselfchallenge

We might as well make the most of our quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. We can all enjoy music while social distancing and staying safe. One of the songs on Grand Junction quarantine playlist is 'Dancing By Myself' by Billy Idol.

There's currently the #dancingwithmyselfchallenge going on right now and here's how you can join it. Just post a video of yourself dancing and use the hashtag #dancingwithmyselfchallenge and tag @mix1043 on Instagram or Facebook so we can see your moves and reshare your video.

Below is Grand Junction's quarantine playlist, which has a whole lot of great music to get you through the quarantine.

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