Palisade High School has been working toward opening the endangered fish hatchery at their school for years. The high school has now broken ground on their new fish hatchery.

Back in October Palisade High School was working on raising money to open a fish hatchery at their school. After years of lots of hard work, their hatchery is coming to fruition. The high school broke ground on the fish hatchery on April 2.

Palisade High School's fish hatchery is going to turn an old storage building into a fish sanctuary. The hatchery will have three 230-gallon tanks with 150 endangered fish in each tank.

After the fish are big enough, Palisade High School will release them into the Colorado River. This is going to be an amazing experience for both the students and staff. They'll get to take care of the fish and watch them grow until they're big enough to be set free and help our endangered fish species.

I think having this fish hatchery inside of their school will really stress the importance of conservation and taking care of our environment. Palisade High School's fish hatchery is going to bring everyone together for the most hands-on experience ever -- fish included.

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