When it comes to outdoor activities, Colorado is King.

You know we love all the fun activities of summer, but to live in this state you also need to kind of love winter a little bit too. With all the amazing ski resorts, winter hikes, as well as the Broncos and Avalanche in action, there is no reason to be down about winter here.

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Try Ice Climbing in Ouray, Colorado

Have you ever tried ice climbing? Did you know Colorado has its own ice climbing park with over 200 ice climbs? We do! Today we are going to take a look at one of the coolest places to check out this winter, Ouray Ice Park.

See Inside the Ice Park in Ouray Colorado

The Ice Park is about 98 miles from Grand Junction or just under two hours on the road. People have been coming to Ouray since the 1980s to climb up frozen man-made waterfalls of ice! Let's check it out:

Check Out Over 200 Ice Climbs at Ouray Ice Park

If you love the great outdoors in the middle of winter you need to check out the ice climbs in Ouray, Colorado.

15 Affordable Colorado Ski Trips To Enjoy This Winter

Ready to hit the slopes this winter? Is the price tag is holding you back? Sharpen your skis with 15 affordable ski trips you can start planning right now.

20+ Amazing Places to Fish on Colorado's Grand Mesa

If you love to go fishing check out these lakes, creeks, and reservoirs up on the Grand Mesa.

Farmer's Almanac Adds Extended Winter Outlook for Colorado

The winter of 2021-2022 appears to be looking pretty standard for most of the state, except for the second half of January when Colorado could be looking at potential blizzard conditions. Flip through the photo gallery to find out more about the recently issued extended winter outlook.

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