The summer months are perfect for rock climbing in Colorado. The Centennial State is home to several Via Feratta routes that make it easy for anyone to experience the thrill of the climb without a lifetime of rock climbing experience.

The term Via Feratta is Italian for "iron path". These assisted climbs can be found not only in the Swiss Alps but also in locations all over the world like right here in Colorado.

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Where is Gold Mountain Via Feratta in Colorado?

Gold Mountain Via Feratta is located in Ouray, Colorado. Ouray is home to Ouray Via Feratta and Gold Mountain Via Feratta. While both climbs offer an incredible 4000-foot adventure, they both offer a unique view of the landscape around Ouray.

One climb takes you over the Uncompaghre River and around waterfalls, while the Gold Mountain climb takes you up to an old gold mine to explore the tunnels at the top.

Can Anyone try Via Feratta in Ouray, Colorado?

Yes! While it may seem hard to believe you can walk right up with your friends as a true rookie climber and still finish like a champ. Basecamp Ouray will pair you up with a fun, local guide who stays with you during the climb. These guides are also Certified Wilderness Responders who will take good care of you. You are harnessed in the entire climb.

How Much Does it Cost to Try Via Feratta?

Via Feratta becomes more affordable as you bring more friends with you in your group. A group of 5 can climb Gold Mountain Via Feratta for around $200 per person. A solo climb with a guide will cost you closer to $400 to do it alone with a guide. Scroll on to see photos of the climbers in action along the Gold Mountain route.

Watch Climbers Conquer Ouray Colorado's Amazing Gold Mountain Via Ferrata

Big mountain views are paired with huge rock faces for the ultimate climb at Ouray's Gold Mountain Via Ferrata. This incredible adventure is open to everyone with no previous climbing experience required. Enjoy one of the best places on earth to experience Via Ferrata, Colorado's San Juan Mountains.

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