It's kinda cool that you can head north or south from Grand Junction and be on your way to some pretty amazing hot springs in Colorado.

Head north and you'll find one of the largest hot springs in the state near Glenwood Springs. Head south, and you'll find several hot springs between Ouray and Ridgway with amazing views. Today we're taking a closer look at the springs down south.

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How Long Have the Hot Springs in Ouray Been In Use?

When Americans first settled in the area it was not long after the Ute Indians had been moved to Colorado. The Utes had discovered the hot springs in Ouray long before the settlers did, and I imagine others came before them who also discovered the power of the springs. It's a safe bet that human beings have been enjoying the springs here for a few hundred years if not longer.

How Hot Are the Springs in Ouray, Colorado?

There are 3 different geothermal heated springs at our stop in Ouray, and they also have a swimming pool and an activities pool with an obstacle course. The swimming pools are around 80 degrees. The Overlook Hot Springs is around 104 degrees. The Hot Section is between 96 and 98 degrees, and the Shallow Pool is usually between 92 and 96 degrees.

Are the Hot Springs in Ouray, Colorado Open All Year?

The Overlook hot spring and the Activity pool usually close during the winter months, but the rest of the facility stays open year-round, including the heated lap pool.

Scroll on to see photos from inside this incredible facility that was completely remodeled only a few years ago. You'll also learn a bunch of fun facts about the hot springs as you scroll through the photos. See you in the pool!

25 Facts You May Not Have Known About Ouray's Amazing Hot Springs

Ouray's Hot Springs bubbled up along the Uncompahgre River from underground fissures for thousands of years before being known to the Ute Indians as the 'Miracle Waters'. Scroll through the photos below as we introduce 25 facts you may not have known about Ouray's famous springs.

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In 1883, the county of Ouray commissioned Otto Mears to build a toll road from the town of Ouray up to the top of the Uncompahgre Canyon. Scroll on to learn more about the incredible highway Mears built through Colorado's San Juan mountains.

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