For those of us who love a good meteor shower, there aren't many better than the Orionid meteor shower, and it peaks tonight.

Watchers can expect to see dozens of meteors per hour tonight and into early Tuesday morning.

The meteors are courtesy of the by-product of Halley's Comet and it's not unusual for 20-25 meteors per hour to be seen, but there have been years that far exceeded those numbers. From 2006-2009 viewers enjoyed up to 75 per hour.

Look to the sky once night has fallen and you will start to see a few beginning to fall, but the big show will come later in the evening as the constellation Orion rises, which is where the meteor shower gets its name, but also where the best viewing will come from.

Once Orion has risen, around 11 P.M., expect to see increases in the numbers of meteors you will be able to see.

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