A newlywed woman has sadly passed away after a gate unexpectedly impaled their car at Arches National Park. The gate swung open and decapitated the woman.

Our thoughts go out to Ester Nakajjigo's friends, family, and especially her husband. Ester moved to Colorado to attend the Watson Insuttie in Boulder, according to The Denver Post. She recently got married to her husband, Ludovic Michaud in March.

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The newlywed couple decided to take a trip to Arches National Park in Moab, Utah when something terribly tragic happened. The couple went for a hike, had a picnic, and were leaving Arches National Park when a gate suddenly struck their car.

According to The Denver Post, a gust of wind dislodged the arm of a metal gate, the gate then impaled the car and decapitated and killed Ester in the passenger seat instantly. Arches National Park stated that they never secure the gate and usually its own weight kept it in place.

There was less than a second between when the gate started to move to when it impaled the car, according to The Denver Post. The newlywed couple had no time to react and a lawsuit has been filed against the park by Ester's husband and parents.

According to The Denver Post, the $270 million lawsuit states that Ester's death was a wrongful one and that the gate should have been secured to prevent this from happening.

Ester is from Uganda and seems like she was an amazing, compassionate person. She recognized by the United Nations for her work for women at the age of 17, according to The Denver Post. Ester donated her college tuition to start a health center for woman and created a reality TV show to help child mothers. Ester was also named 'Young Personality of the Year' in Uganda.


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