I've never been to Moab, Utah. I got within a few miles of town and turned around to drive back down the river route again. It's that cool.

SH 128 in Utah is only about 50 miles from Grand Junction, Colorado. Once you get on the scenic byway, it's about 50 miles to Moab. It's a pretty easy day trip you can do for about half a tank of gas. I must say it's totally worth it.

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Follow the Colorado River

Following I-70 into Utah will move the river out of sight for the time being, but you'll be heading right at it as soon as you make the turn south to 128 near the 'ghost town' of Cisco. That would be the place that appears to be a giant debris field of trash and abandoned vehicles. As you head south you'll come around a bend and meet back up with the mighty Colorado River. Evidence is all around of just how big the river used to be here. It's still a pretty sight today.

Check Out Fisher's Tower

Photos of SH 128 in Utah (The River Route to Moab).
TSM GJ W. Adams

As you head down 128 you'll start to encounter some of the Moab attractions. Hittle Bottom Campground is not far from the access road to the Fisher's Tower Trailhead. You can also access the road to the camping sites up in the La Sal Mountains such as Warner Lake.

Snow-Covered Peaks of the La Sal Mountains

The highest peak in the La Sal Mountains belongs to Mount Peale at an elevation of 12,721 feet. The range covers about 10 miles and is made up of three different groups of peaks divided by mountain passes. They show up beautifully behind the red rocks that surround the Colorado River. The snow usually stays on the peaks until June and then you can explore the entire area.

See what it's like to drive down the river route toward Moab in the photo gallery below.

Photos: Drive the River Route to Moab, Utah

If you are planning to head to Moab from Grand Junction, Colorado, leave I-70 in your rearview, and turn south onto SH 128 near Cisco, Utah. The next 50 miles are packed with some of the prettiest scenery anywhere for enjoying the Colorado River, and the nearby La Sal Mountains.

TIPS: Grand Junction's Pro Tips for Enjoying a Day Trip to Moab

Planning a trip to visit Moab, Utah? Check out some tips for planning your visit straight from the pros who have been there countless times. We asked you to give us your advice about visiting Moab in the photo gallery below.

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