Grand Junction's high desert playground continues just across the state line in Utah with two incredible National Parks that are both bucket list destinations you will love.

Exploring Moab, visiting the Arches National Park, or checking out Canyonlands National Park are great ways to spend a weekend outdoors. Below we asked you for your tips for visiting Moab. If you have some great advice that will help others enjoy their stay even more then drop a comment on our station app or the KEKB Facebook page.

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Planning a Visit to Moab Utah

The drive from Grand Junction to Moab, Utah usually takes just under two hours to complete depending on your route. You can take I-70 from Grand Junction to 191 in Utah, or you can pick up 128 near Cisco and enjoy a ride along the Colorado River through the canyons until you reach Moab.

Places to See Near Moab, Utah

While there are tons of places to explore in Moab, you must make time for Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Both parks are amazing places to see and to drive all the way to Moab and NOT see them would be a huge letdown. The crowds get smaller in the fall and winter when you might feel like you have some trails all to yourself. Dead Horse Point State Park is another amazing destination if you have time to watch the sunset.

Taking the River Road to Moab, Utah

If you have never been down the river road to Moab we got you. After we scroll through the tips for visiting Moab we'll also walk you through getting there via the river road below. Enjoy your trip!

Grand Junction's Pro Tips for Enjoying a Trip to Moab, Utah

Planning a trip to visit Moab, Utah? Check out some tips for planning your visit straight from the pros who have been there countless times. We asked you to give us your advice about visiting Moab in the photo gallery below.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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There's a drive right out of Grand Junction, roughly 83 miles in length, you'll love to take. This might just be the very road trip (with no particular destination) you've been looking for.

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