Things just got a little busier on the corner of 12th and Patterson. The new bank building is complete, and they've already opened their doors.

Western Colorado's ANB Bank just opened their newest branch yesterday (Monday, November 5) on the southeast corner of 12th and Patterson. This had to be, in my opinion at least, the quietest business opening in history. I bank there, and didn't even know the new branch was open.

Technically, this is more of a migration than a new building. ANB operated a bank for years directly across the street. Last October a sign went up on the other side of the road indicating a new building would be coming soon.

Grand Junction isn't exactly known for doing anything fast. The construction of this new building seemed to happen rather quickly.

Being a 30-plus year customer of the bank, I thought it appropriate to drop by. I didn't have money to deposit. That goes without saying. I just wanted to take a look.

It's a very nice building. It even has that "new bank" smell. At a glance, it appears to be a little smaller than the previous location.

After a recent rash of businesses closing, it's nice to report about one opening. Between Los Reyes closing after 50 years in Grand Junction, and now the word of Lowe's stores closing all over the country, this really is good news. For the record, the Grand Junction Lowe's will not be affected by the closure of 51 stores across the U.S. and Canada.

Welcome to your new location, ANB Bank. The 12th and Patterson location has always been convenient. Here's hoping you'll be happy in your new digs.

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