Prior to the last 'Men in Heels' race, I'd only worn heels once, and that was on Halloween. This was probably around 2006 and my band was playing a gig at a local bar in Avon, Colorado, and I decided that I was going to dress up as a lady for Halloween that year.

At the time, I didn't realize how difficult it is to wear heels, but I soon found out. I wore a dress, a big blonde wig, fishnet stalkings, and high-heeled shoes. However, the shoes proved to be an issue for me, as while I was playing my bass guitar, I kept swaying back and forth trying to keep my balance in the heels. Luckily, there were no wipeouts during the gig.

Fast-forward a few years to the annual 'Men in Heels' race that happens in Grand Junction every year. The first race of this nature that I participated in took place at the Grand Junction Regional Airport and was actually quite a lot of fun.

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However, about 1/3 of the way through my portion of the race, I found myself, for lack of a better term, "wobbly," but managed to stumble my way through the rest of my portion of the race.

I later realized that the rubber portion of the shoe I was wearing had broken, resulting in a quite wobbly Nate finishing the race.

Luckily I didn't fall or anything, and managed to finish the race in the most graceful way I could.

The next 'Men in Heels' race takes place today, Thursday, October 14th, 5:30pm at the Grand Junction Regional Airport. Come on out - the public is invited to come watch. I'll try to not break any shoes this time around.

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