If you’re a fan of the paranormal TV show "Ghost Adventures" – yeah, I love me some Zak - or just a longtime west slope resident, you probably know about the Museum of the Mountain West, or don’t. Zak and the boys investigated the museum back in 2018 and found some spooky evidence. It makes going to the Museum of the Mountain West even more fun knowing you could run into a spirit of a Wild West Gunslinger.

They don’t really advertise it much and it’s outside of Montrose, a couple of miles east out on Highway 50 headed to Gunnison.


What to Know About Montrose's Museum of the Mountain West

The goal of the Museum of the Mountain West is to educate children and adults about the history and culture of the American west through the collection, historic preservation, stewardship, restoration, and display of historical buildings and artifacts.

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It’s a cool place and the people, the docents, are very informative and helpful, and they know their stuff.

What to Know About Montrose's Montrose County Historical Museum

Montrose County Historical Museum is another local museum. It focuses on early-day pioneer life. Including a life-size homesteader's cabin, horse-drawn farm machinery, and a display of dolls, toys, and baby furniture. When visiting you will see a caboose and vintage equipment. Also, a rare original stagecoach that once traveled between Montrose and Ouray. The Museum was founded in 1964 by the Montrose Historical Society.

What to Know About Montrose's Ute Indian Museum

Another great Museum is the Ute Indian Museum located just south of Montrose. The museum connects the past with contemporary Ute life and culture. The exhibits focus on the Ute people's history of adaption and persistence. They have many upcoming events like the Veterans Day film screening on November 11th.

Travel Back in Time at These Great Montrose Colorado Museums

There are some great museums in Montrose that will send you back in time.

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See all the killer muscle cars and classics shown inside Gateway Colorado's Auto Museum.

Exploring the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has a special exhibition to see for a limited time in 2022. Take a peek at Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs.

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